Start NPC Zauko - Lower Jeuno (I-6)
Requirements Jeuno Reputation 1
Title Granted Torchbearer
Repeatable Yes
Reward Jeuno Fame, Lamp Lighter's Membership Card (if repeated)


This quest can be offered to only one person in one day of Vana'Diel time on each server.
  • Talk to Zauko between 18:03 and 21:00
If another player already started this quest you will unable to receive it, so make sure to talk to Zauko at 18:03 sharp.
  • Zauko needs you to light all the streetlamps before 01:00.
  • There are 12 streetlamps along the West side of Lower Jeuno (right side as you exit from the moghouse).
  • Click on each streetlamp to light it, then return to Zauko after you've lit them all.
  • It takes around 1 to 1.5 game hours to walk to all of the streetlamps and light them, so plan accordingly.
    • You only have to have the lamps lit before 01:00, you can return to speak with Zauko after 01:00 and still receive credit.
Completing this quest a second time will prompt Zauko to offer you a Lamp Lighter's Membership Card, which will allow you to see a message as soon as he starts to recruit someone for lighting the streetlamps for that day when you are in Lower Jeuno.
If no one accepts Zauko's quest before 1:00 game time, Vhana Ehgaklywha appears to light the streetlamps.

Game Description

Zauko (Lower Jeuno)
Zauko needs someone to help light the streetlamps.