Dedication (Status Effect).png Commitment is a beneficial status effect that increases your capacity point gain until it wears off. Affected characters receive a boost in Capacity Points. This bonus is only added to CP received from defeating monsters, not from any other method of CP acquisition, such as Records of Eminence.

The capacity point bonus is listed on the item that grants this effect. The effect lasts until the "maximum bonus" has been given. The maximum bonus is only approximate; the final bonus is always at the rate listed on the item, even if it brings the total bonus above the maximum.

IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT DEDICATION: If you enter the Feretory, your Commitment status is completely erased.

How to remove the effect

  • Enter the Feretory
  • Reach the Capacity Point bonus limit (limit depends on the item that grants the effect)
  • Expend the maximum time limit for the effect (limit depends on the item that grants the effect)
  • Overwrite with Dedication

How the effect is gained


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