Aliases: None
Usage: /satchel
Description: Opens the Mog Satchel menu.


The Mog Satchel is a form of storage accessible from anywhere on Vana'diel that allows players to freely interchange items with their standard Inventory. It has the same storage capacity as the player's Inventory, and it expands when the Gobbiebag is upgraded. If you increase your Inventory by completing one of the Gobbiebag quests, your satchel will also increase in size.

Players may view the contents of their Mog Satchel anywhere via the "Mog Satchel" option of the "View House" submenu. When in the Mog House, the "Mog Satchel" option is also available via the "Mog House" submenu.

  • It is not possible to equip or use items directly from one's Mog Satchel, or to sell them via Bazaars.

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