Aliases: None
Usage: /blockaid [subcommand]

Toggles on/off for allowing magical
assistance, trades, party invites etc.
from non-party/alliance characters.
When activated, "Cure" and similar
spells will have no effect on PC.
Continues until leaving current area,
logging out, or being KO'd.

on Blocks outside aid.
off Allows outside aid.

Displays current status when no
subcommand is specified.

Example: /blockaid on


This command was introduced in the August 1, 2005 version update.
Blocking outside aid when crafting outside of your Mog House is recommended to prevent loss of synthesis materials to passersby casting magic on you.
This command is also useful in preventing malicious PCs from getting the hate of your mobs and stealing them from you.
Blockaid does not work while under the effects of Allied Tags.
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