Mission Name Coming of Age
Number 8-1
Start NPC Any San d'Orian Gate Guard
Level 65+
Reward Rank points
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The Secret Weapon Lightbringer
Quicksand-caves 2

Quicksand Caves 2


  • Trading 58 22 crystals should give you the necessary rank points for this mission. Alternatively, you may repeat the mission Bat Hunt 9 probably 2 times.
  • After accepting this mission go to Chateau d'Oraguille for a short cutscene. Talk to Halver and he tells you to head to Quicksand Caves to get a key item, Drops of Amnio.
  • Now get a party of level 65+. Anyone under level 67 will need sneak.
  • Take the H-10 entrance to Quicksand Caves in Eastern Altepa Desert.
  • Now head west to D-9. At this point, you will make a left turn and head south. Drop down the hole at the end of the room. Once you land, hug the left wall and you will find yourself at the Fountain of Kings.
  • Clear the room and the connecting hallway of sabotenders and antica if anyone is under level 67.
  • Once ready, sneak someone and have them inspect the fountain, which will spawn 2 kraken type NMs, Honor and Valor.
    • The two will spawn inside the pool (underwater), making it very hard to pull one of them with ranged attacks and also causing some people to think only one of the two spawned.
    • To pull them one at a time, go to the right or left wall, cancel Sneak, and get closer carefully so that only one of them will aggro you. They won't link.
    • It takes exactly 3 minutes for the NMs to despawn.
    • It takes about 10 minutes after despawn to be able to pop the NMs again.
      • If you opt to Sneak spawn them, please warn any fishers who may be there fishing Cave Cherax, as Honor and Valor are aggressive to those not even partaking in the mission, and you may inadvertently mpk someone.
  • Valor uses Hundred Fists.
    • If you have a party of magic-users, Valor is much easier to deal with.
  • Honor is level 70, has about 6000 HP, and casts Paralyga and Silencega.
  • Both kraken are susceptible to Gravity and Bind, but immune to all forms of sleep.
  • It is possible to fight only one and let the other one despawn while fighting the first one.
  • Make sure that the one you are not fighting despawns before you kill the one you are fighting.
  • When both are gone, inspect the fountain for a key item, Drops of Amnio (You only need to kill one).
  • Return to San d'Oria and talk to Halver. (At this point, the mission is flagged as complete in your mission log, but you cannot proceed to 8-2.)
  • Wait 1 minute and then enter Northern San d'Oria for a final cutscene.

Game Description

Mission Orders
Princess Claidie will soon celebrate her coming-of-age, and the court in d'Oraguille needs help with the ceremonies. Speak to Monarlais Halver and offer your assistance.
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