«FFXI-Movie» 0087 San 8-1 - Coming of Age

«FFXI-Movie» 0087 San 8-1 - Coming of Age


Coming of Age - Chateau d'Oraguille
Claidie: Dear Mother... My coming-of-age ceremony is drawing near. My brothers tell me that during the ceremony I will be informed of all the secrets of the d'Oraguille family.

Claidie: I have heard that the same tradition was carried out in Tavnazia. Mother, what secrets were revealed to you? Will I be able to handle the burden as you did?

Claidie: I beg of you, Mother. Watch over me in these trying times.

Coming of Age - Chateau d'Oraguille
Trion: So, my younger sister has finally come of age... I remember when my brother and I would sneak out of the chateau and search the city for presents to buy her.

Trion: We would always be awed by the wonders of the city.

Trion: One year, the king caught us sneaking out. Our mother tried talking to our father, but there was no easing his anger. It was then that I first feared my father.

Trion: Our mother fell ill shortly after, and there was nothing my brother or I could do to save her. Maybe it was our lack of power to save our mother that made us enemies...

Trion: I apologize for my rambling. Perhaps I should journey out into the city and select my sister's gift...

Coming of Age - Chateau d'Oraguille
Pieuje: Claidie has finally come of age... My sister and I don't have many memories of the queen, but every time I see Claidie, I can sense a part of my mother in her.

Pieuje: I don't know... It's probably because they look and act so alike.

Pieuje: Despite being raised without a mother alongside two older brothers, she has matured into a fine, beautiful woman. Now is her time to shine.

Coming of Age - Northern San d'Oria
Shamonde: I hereby conclude the coming-of-age ceremony of Claidie I d'Oraguille.

Rochefogne: So the baby princess has finally become a lady... Did you know that it is custom at the coming-of-age ceremony for the dark d'Oraguille secrets to be revealed?

Rochefogne: I'm sure you have already heard that during the Great War, the d'Oraguille family betrayed my father, Altedour, and dragged Tavnazia into ruin.

Curilla: Silence, infidel!

Claidie: Who are...

Pieuje: Where did this vagrant come from?

Rochefogne: No, I do not expect you to know who I am. This is the first time I have been to this cathedral.

Trion: Wait, you look familiar. But you couldn't be...

Rochefogne: But I am. My name is Rochefogne I Tavnazia. Son of Altedour, and sole surviving heir to the Tavnazian throne.

Claidie: My mother'!?

Trion: Rochefogne!? You were slain in the Great War!

Rochefogne: You doubt your own eyes? Pitiful d'Oraguille. This will be the downfall of you all.

Rochefogne: Know this, d'Oraguilles: I will find Lightbringer. It is the destiny that drives me.

Curilla: After him!

Rahal: Stop, scoundrel!

Pieuje: Wait!

Trion: That Rochfogne is a poison in our fair country. Dispatch the knights and have them comb the countryside--no, all of Vana'diel--for him!

Trion: But how could it be...and what could he want with the holy sword...?

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