«FFXI-Movie» 0849 - Coastal Chaos

Game Script

Coastal Chaos

Green Thumb Moogle : Power to the pioneers, kupo! You've successfully seized the catch of the day!
Green Thumb Moogle : ...Or not?
I never knew the numbers of fish were so negligible here.
Green Thumb Moogle : Kupopopo?
Why, there's a gaping gash the size of Marjami Ravine in this net! It must be the work of that wicked wanderer!
Green Thumb Moogle : Kupah-per-pip...
Uuugh, he's got me so flustered that I can't even string together a simple sentence, kupo!
Green Thumb Moogle : The scoundrel slunk off into the sea, for certain.
Green Thumb Moogle : There's another net specifically set up for obtaining all the ocean has to offer, kupo.
Green Thumb Moogle : Quick, before he cuts that, too!
I'll find you after I finish fixing these frayed fish fetters. Just hurry!
Green Thumb Moogle : Unforgivable...
That contemptible cur has riled up the unbridled wrath of myriad moogles all Mog Gardens over, kupoooooo!
Green Thumb Moogle : We sealed away any scintilla of seething rage that might swell to the surface of our souls long ago, but now is the time to shun our self-imposed shackles and make him pay with every fiber of our fur!

After cutscene

Green Thumb Moogle : It's detestable, deplorable, despicable even!
No one pillages this paradise from perimeter to pole and gets away with it, kupo!
Green Thumb Moogle : What was that? Poles and perimeters aren't perfectly paired, and this profligate isn't pillaging per se, kupo?
Green Thumb Moogle : No matter, just nudge the netting that's sitting near the sandy shore and come calling when you've finished.

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