• Allows you to deal critical hits. Requires at least one finishing move.
  • Obtained: Dancer Level 80
  • Finishing Moves Used: 1-5
  • Recast Time: 01:30
  • Duration: 01:00, or until all critical hits are dealt


  • For each Finishing Move consumed, the first attack of one attack round or the first hit of any weaponskill that states "Chance of critical hit varies with TP." (Evisceration, Backhand Blow, Vorpal Blade, etc.) will be a guaranteed critical hit, to a maximum of five combined rounds and/or weaponskills.
  • Unlike Sneak Attack, this ability will not force critical hits on weapon skills that cannot normally land critical hits.
  • Using Climatic Flourish will consume all Finishing Moves stored.
  • If the first hit of an attack round misses, that round does not count against the number of critical hits given by Climactic Flourish.
  • Additional attacks provided by Dual Wield, Double Attack and Occasionally Attacks X Times (including Virtue Stone weapons) are still part of the same attack round, but are not affected by Climactic Flourish.
  • This ability does not affect ranged attacks or any other weaponskills.

Equipment that Enhances this Trait

Macro Syntax

  • /ja "Climactic Flourish" <me>
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