Start NPC Rholont - Southern San d'Oria (S) (E-7)
Requirements Level 15
Repeatable No
Reward Angelstone
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Gifts of the Griffon Mission:
Cait Sith

Boy and the Beast

Replay Cutscenes
Claws of the Griffon Zidalf Southern San d'Oria (S) (H-8)
Claws of the Griffon (pt.1-4) Goblin Footprint Jugner Forest (S) (G-6)


Note: You must wait until the next Vana'diel day after completing Gifts of the Griffon to continue.

  • Check the ??? at (I-6) at the southern side of the lake just east of the little creek (it's in a tree stump).
  • Check the ??? again to spawn Fingerfilcher Dradzad
    • You do not need to kill this NM more than once if there are multiple people in your party.
  • Check the ??? again after defeating Fingerfilcher Dradzad to complete the quest and receive your reward.

Game Description

Altennia (Southern San d'Oria (S))
Altennia has asked you to watch over the Young Griffons as they devise a reckless plan to eliminate the Orcish threat...