Choh Moui.jpg
Choh Moui
Legendary Beastmaster
Crawlers' Nest (S) (I-11)


  • The Legendary Beastmaster, inventor of the Pet Food Biscuits.
  • She summons two pets: Azo (a spider) and Vahi (a scorpion). If they are taken out, she releases multiple chigoes. The chigoes will remain even if she falls in battle.
  • If Crawlers' Nest (S) is under attack, she will not be there (if unaligned).

Maruna-Kurina's Notes

“Venomous Verminess,” “Baroness of Bugdom,” Choh Moui has almost as many monikers as she does pet pestarus. She's a Mithran beastmaster-waster who got her come-uppings in the south, but now makes her home in Crawler's Nest. I'm not entirely sure of the reasons behind it, but they say she is in regular contactaru with a mercenary by the name of Duskraven. She's accredited with inventing the pet foods now used by beastmasters the world round, and is always eagerly to get her hands on ingredients. She also loves to have others save her the hassle-wassle of rounding up her pets for her. What could she be up to...?

How to Influence

  • When in the second level of Crawlers' Nest (S), there are several ??? in various rooms. Examine each of these points. If you get the message "There is rotting crawler flesh being eaten by bugs," move to check the other ??? in the area until you see the message, "You find a chigoe with a crimson crest on its back." After you receive the message, return to Choh Moui and talk to her.
  • Alternately, you can trade her Rye Flour.

"Wheheheheheh... Ooh! With these I can make some tasty fixins for me and my babies, ya! Wheheheheh..."


  • "Wheheheheheh..." "Wheheheh... City's filled with tasty eats for my babies." "Wheheheheheh..."
  • "Red blood, blue blood, any colorrr blood." "If it bleeds, we can kill it!"
  • "Wheheheheh! You thirsty, Kopeh?"
    • When Traded Pet Food Will say:
"Wheheheheh..." "Wha-what? Moui don't know nothing 'bout no pet food. Why this smell like my Breakfast?" "Whehehehehe..."

When Allied