Chococards are documents that contain all the details about a chocobo's attributes and condition. They are divided into two types, one for each gender Chococard (M) and Chococard (F). If you trade one to the person who's in charge of matchmaking, he'll introduce your animal to another chocobo. Chococards contain information on the chocobo's attributes and condition at the time the card is issued, so be sure to get a new card before using this service or the match will be arranged based on out-of-date information. If you want a chococard for a retired chocobo, then you must trade a VCS Registration Card to a VCS member.

Issuing of a chococard costs 300 Gil.

The Matchmaking Process

  1. Obtain the Chococards for the Chocobos you wish to match.
  2. Speak to Finbarr in Upper Jeuno to purchase a VCS Honeymoon Ticket.
  3. Trade the following items to Finbarr: Chococard (M), Chococard (F), VCS Honeymoon Ticket
  4. Speak with Finbarr again after 00:00 (midnight) JST. He will give you a Chocobo Egg if one was laid.