Chocobo Raising Guide

Chocobo sleeping

This is a Chocobo Care option:

  • Minor Increase to Energy
  • While your chocobo is resting you are unable to do any care options besides Watch over the Chocobo
  • You are unable to feed your chocobo while it is resting
  • Be carefull as it seems that with this one when you start resting, it must continue until it is done. If you put it at 2 days rest, and after the first day try to change to something else, it will not work. This may change once you give your chick the White Handkerchief, or it grows into adolesance. The option now exists to awaken your chocobo while it is sleeping, though what effect this has on the care plan is unknown.
  • This care option appears to cure the status ailment of your chocobo being in love, though this has yet to be tested extensively.
  • You may still call your chocobo with the Chocobo Whistle while it is resting.
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