The chocobo list for an upcoming race can be viewed from the NPC that manages chocobets for that race. It is condensed yet comprehensible list of all the chocobos participating in that particular race.

Chocobo List Explanation

Chocobo List

The first four columns of the chocobo list show a chocobo's attributes:

Attribute Effect
STR (Strength) Increases the speed of the chocobo
END (Endurance) Increases the duration of the time the chocobo can run
DSC (Discernment) The chocobo will use it's item at a more effective time as well as pace itself better
RCP (Receptivity) Increase the chocobo's ability to avoid accidents and item attacks.

The letters beside each attribute denote their Level:

Level Grade
Level 1 Poor F
Level 2 Substandard E
Level 3 A Bite Deficient D
Level 4 Average C
Level 5 Better Than Average B
Level 6 Impressive A
Level 7 Outstanding S
Level 8 First-Class SS

The next column indicates the nationality of the chocobo if it isn't computer controlled, the sex and colour of the chocobo, and the weather it most prefers. The colour of the chocobo is shown by the colour of the circles behind the gender signs.

The second last column shows which abilities the chocobo possesses:

Ability Effect
Bore ???
Burrow ???
Canter Increases endurance by one Level
Chocobo Raising/Treasure Finder ???
Gallop Increases strength by one Level
Regen ???

The last column shows what the chocobo has been instructed to do. Two horizontal arrows means the chocobo has been instructed to keep pace. One arrow slanting downward and another vertical means the chocobo will put on a final spurt. And two arrows slanting upward means the chocobo will sprint.