Chocobo key

Chocobo Key
A timeworn key wrought of an unknown metal, adorned with the sign of the Chocobo constellation on its discoid grip.
Used In Mission:
After the mission fight.
Examining the Treasure Coffer in the Tenshodo HQ in Lower Jeuno (J-8) with this key item in your possession will allow you to exchange it for an item randomly selected from the list below. Augments for the armor pieces are also randomly selected.

Possible Rewards

Item Abundance
Aptus Earring Augmented 19%Warning(19%)
Stearc Subligar Augmented 9.5%Warning(9.5%)
Varius Torque Augmented 28.6%Warning(28.6%)
Gold Thread 2.4%Warning(2.4%)
Hi-Ether +2 4.8%Warning(4.8%)
Hi-Potion +2 7.1%Warning(7.1%)
Malboro Fiber 7.1%Warning(7.1%)
Beetle Blood 7.1%Warning(7.1%)
Philosopher's Stone 7.1%Warning(7.1%)
Rainbow Cloth 7.1%Warning(7.1%)
Raxa 4.8%Warning(4.8%)
Granite 2.4%Warning(2.4%)
Vile Elixir 4.8%Warning(4.8%)
Phoenix Feather 7.1%Warning(7.1%)

Possible Augments

Item Augments
Varius Torque Augmented

[Neck] All Races
Lv. 70 All Jobs

Accuracy +1 ~ 5
Attack +1 ~ 5
Ranged Accuracy +1 ~ 4
Ranged Attack +1 ~ 4
Sword Skill +1
Club Skill +3
Great Axe Skill +1
Great Sword Skill +1
Polearm Skill +1 ~ 5
Great Katana Skill +1
Marksmanship Skill +1 ~ 3
Archery Skill +1 ~ 5
Hand-to-hand Skill + 1 ~ 5
HP -16~25
Aptus Earring Augmented

[Earrings] All Races
Lv. 70 All Jobs

Magic Attack Bonus +1~2
Magic Accuracy +1~2
Conserve MP +1~3
Spell Interruption Rate -1-5%
Summoning Magic Skill +1
Dark Magic Skill +2
Enfeebling Magic Skill +1~2
Ninjutsu Skill +1
Enhancing Magic Skill +2
Blue Magic Skill +1~2
MP -17~-26
Singing Skill +1~2
Wind Instrument Skill +3
Elemental Magic Skill +1
Stearc Subligar Augmented

[Legs] All Races
Lv. 70 All Jobs

Subtle Blow +1~3
Resist Charm +1~4
HP Recovered While Healing +1
HP +8
Trans Light +1-7
Trans Dark -6
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