Job Ability


  • User receives a Quickening effect.
  • Increases movement speed by approximately 25%, like Chocobo Mazurka.
    • After the December 10, 2013 update where base movement speed was increased, Chocobo Jig's movement speed increase is approximately 17%.
  • Speed will return to normal if you attack a target or are attacked.
  • Stacks with Movement Speed gear, but not other Quickening effects.
  • Does not stack with Mazurka nor Flee effects.
  • Like Flee, will overwrite certain forms of Weight.
  • If Dancer's Shoes, Dancer's Shoes +1 or Etoile Tights are equipped, the duration is increased to 2:30. Wearing both increases duration to 3:00.

Macro Syntax

  • /ja "Chocobo Jig" <me>