Chocobo Riding (Status Effect).png Riding a Chocobo is a positive status effect that allows a character to travel faster until it wears off or is removed. Characters riding a chocobo move much faster than normal, are immune to aggro, gain access to the "Dig" ability, and are unable to cast spells or attack, however you are still prone to any sort of cure, buff or AoE damage and can be KO'd while riding one. This effect will also prevent characters from entering dungeons, cities, or towns.

How to remove the effect

  • Selecting the attack option from the menu will force you to dismount, removing the effect.
  • Selecting the dismount option from the menu (or typing /dismount) will remove the effect.
  • Some forms of the monster ability Draw In will remove this effect.
  • There is a time limit to how long you can stay mounted on a Chocobo, when it wears the player will be vunerable to attack's from aggro mobs, certain aoe attacks and regain all abilities such as (Magic, Job Abilities, etc.)

How the effect is gained