Requirements: Must be level 20 or higher
Items Needed: 4 clumps of gausebit wildgrass
Area: Upper Jeuno (G-7)
Client: Brutus

Long story short, the chocobo at the stable has been abused by its prevous owner. To do some "damage control", you're going to need to give (use trade) the chocobo one clump of grass every hour (in game time, one day), for six hours. The first two times it will not accept the grass, but after that you'll need at least four clumps. When you feed it for the last time, you recieve a Chocobo License from Brutus. Congradulations! You can now ride a Chocobo!

  • Note: Chocobos are rented, you cannot own one. You can rent them from Bastok, San d'Oria, Windurst, Jeuno, Kazham, Rabao, and the crags of Dem, Holla, and Mea. You must be level 15 to rent from the four nations, and level 20 to rent from the crags. In addition, you can only ride a chocobo before it kicks you off and you must travel by foot; a level 15 will have a chocobo for half the time a level 20+ will.
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