Start NPC Ghebi Damomohe - Lower Jeuno (I-7)
Requirements PM6-3 More Questions Than Answers completed
Items Needed Carmine Chip
Gray Chip
Cyan Chip
Repeatable Yes
Reward CCB Polymer Pump


Pso'xja Composite Map

  • To repeat the quest later, just collect the chips again and take them to Cid.

Most chip farming occurs in two towers:

Pso'Xja F-7 entrance ("Nue Tower")

The Carmine Chip is usually farmed here, and often the Gray Chip as well.

  • The Diremites in the first room are the easiest chip mobs; they run 42-45 and drop the Gray Chip. The Maze Lizards don't seem to drop chips here.
  • The G/H/L area in Basement 1 has 2 Snow Lizards and 4 Diremite Assaulters, all level 66-68. Note: It is possible to use ranged attacks to pull the Frost Lizards from below up onto the level where the 2 Snow Lizards live, and avoid dropping down while farming Lizzards.
  • The L/M/N area in Basement 2 has 2 Frost Lizards and 2 Diremite Dominators, all level 74-76.
  • The H/S/O area in Basement 2 also has 2 Frost Lizards and 2 Diremite Dominators.
  • The M/V area in Basement 3 has 2 Diremite Dominators and a staircase to the ground level.
  • The N/O/P/Q area in Basement 3 has 2 Frost Lizards and the elevator to the ground level.
  • The S/T area in Basement 3 has 2 Archaic Chests, which do drop the Cyan Chip if you're masochistic enough to fight them. Be careful, even if they are hard to kill, the drop rate isn't 100%.

Elementals often pop in the chests' place. Be careful and pull the elementals away (between the 2 rooms is fine) from the coffers to pop. Bring a full party of 75s to be safe.

Pso'Xja G-9 entrance (near Ranguemont Pass no level cap)

The Cyan Chip is usually farmed here, and often the Gray Chip as well.

This map is a bit of a puzzle; the Stone Doors marked on the map require the matching Blue Bracelet or Green Bracelet (key item) to pass through.

  • When you touch the colored ???s in I-8 on the upper floor (Blue) and H-7 in the basement (Green), the door closes behind you and two Dolls spawn and attack.
    • The Blue ??? spawns Gargoyle-Kappa and Gargoyle-Iota; the Green ??? spawns Gargoyle-Lambda and Gargoyle-Mu.
    • The Dolls alternate between physical immunity and very high magical resistance, each doll changing weaknesses simultaneously. This is marked by a blue- or yellow-colored sheen on each mob, so be prepared to switch targets frequently.
    • When both dolls are defeated, click on the ??? again to obtain the Bracelet.
  • There are 6 Treasure Chest mimics in these locations:
    • Ground Level: In the F room and next to the chest spawn in NW G-8
    • Upper Level: Next to the chest spawn in SE H-9
    • Basement: In the E room and the room in NW G-8.
    • And in the lower basement at the bottom of the elevator (no map).
    • WHM spell barthundera seemed to cause these chests' death trap move to have only the poison or no effect when cast by a 75 WHM. The stun effect seemed to be no longer present. Data pool was about 10-12 chests fought.

Pso'Xja I-7 entrance

The Carmine Chip can be farmed here as well.

This tower also has 4 Snow Lizards if the F-7 tower is overcamped.

Game Description

Cid (Cid's Lab, Metalworks)
You've learned from the Tenshodo that Chief Cid is collecting rare colored chips found in the ruins of Pso'Xja. Bring him a set of three (one carmine chip, one gray chip, and one cyan chip) to receive your reward.