Start NPC Octavien - Eastern Adoulin (I-8)
Requirements Key ItemAdoulinian charter permit
Job Level 30+
Items Needed Key ItemYahse Wildflower Petal
Title Granted Runic Engraver
Repeatable No
Reward Rune Fencer Job
Sowilo Claymore
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None Endeavoring to Awaken


  • Speak to Octavien at (I-8) of Eastern Adoulin while your main job is level 30 or higher.
  • Obtain the the Key ItemYahse Wildflower Petal at (K-7) of Yahse Hunting Grounds by examining the Yahse Wildflower.
    • To reach the flowers it is easiest to leave from Eastern Adoulin via the boat at (G-5), the nearest Waypoint is "The Wharf to Yahse". Nearly all monsters on route are non-aggressive (so long as you stay away from the beach near the wildflowers). However Umbril, which appear at night between 20:00-4:00, are aggressive to sight and magic.
  • Return to Octavien, Use the Sverdhried Hillock Waypoint just north of him. During the cutscene, you must select "Use Rune Enchantment...?" anywhere from 1 to 100 times. The number of times is random.
  • After the cutscene, you receive a Sowilo Claymore and unlock the Rune Fencer job.

Game Description

Octavien (Sverdhried Hillock, Eastern Adoulin)
Years of excruciating training and long hours of study await those who desire to master the runic arts. One may circumvent this laborious process, however, by engraving runes upon his body with ink from a Yahse wildflower petal.