Monipulator Overview

Chigoe img
Type: Vermin
Family: Chigoes
Weak against: Lizards
Killer Trait: Plantoid Killer
Species Traits: Attack Speed Bonus, Attack Penalty (40%)
Size: Small
Movement Speed: 100%

These small parasitic insects are the cause of an endemic disease in the Near East known as Chigoe Fever. Chigoes, or sand fleas, remain concealed beneath the sand until some unfortunate animal wanders past. The chigoe leaps an incredible distance to attach itself to the victim’s body, and then burrows under the skin to feed. The welts raised by these insidious pests are so painful, even a large animal can suffer a slow, wasting death when infested by enough parasites. According to the latest research by the Alchemists’ Guild, a virulent illness that once swept through Bastok is thought to have been the result of an invisible toxin transmitted through these deadly parasites.

How to Unlock:

Species Forms:

Table of Contents:
Monster SkillsMonster AbilitiesTraits

Monster Skills

Level  Name
-  No monster skills

Monster Abilities

Level  Name
01  Perfect Dodge
15  Sneak Attack
25  Flee
45  Hide
75 (Merit)  Assassin's Charge
75 (Merit)  Feint
87  ConspiratorExclamation
93  BullyExclamation

Monster Traits

Level  Name
05  Gilfinder (No effect)
10  Evasion Bonus
15  Treasure Hunter (No effect)
20  Resist Gravity
30  Evasion Bonus II
40  Resist Gravity II
45  Treasure Hunter II (No effect)
50  Evasion Bonus III
55  Triple Attack
60  Assassin (No effect)
60  Resist Gravity III
70  Evasion Bonus IV
Level  Name
75  Resist Gravity IV
75 (Merit)  Aura Steal (No effect)
75 (Merit)  Ambush
76  Evasion Bonus V
78  Critical Attack Bonus
81  Resist Gravity V
83  Dual Wield (No effect)
84  Critical Attack Bonus II
85  Gilfinder IIExclamation (No effect)
87  Dual Wield II (No effect)
90  Treasure Hunter III (No effect)
98  Dual Wield III (No effect)

Instincts Learned

Instinct Name Effect Faculty Point Cost Level
Chigoe Instinct I Accuracy+5 Evasion+20 Triple Attack+1% 6 30
Chigoe Instinct II AGI+10 INT+5 Haste+5% 8 60
Chigoe Instinct III DEX+15 Fast Cast+10 Triple Attack+2% 10 90

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