Start NPC Rudolfo/Zoriboh - Rabao F-6/7
Requirements An Invitation West
Items Needed Eastern Gem x5
KeyItemWashu's Flask
KeyItemFlask of Clam Water
KeyItemStoreroom Key
Repeatable No
Reward Venerer Ring
4000 gil
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None The Search for Goldmane


Korroloka Tunnel Composite

Korroloka Tunnel Composite Map


Korroloka Tunnel Map 1


Korroloka Tunnel Map 2


Korroloka Tunnel Map 3


Korroloka Tunnel Map 4

Starting Up

  • First head to Rabao and talk to Rudolfo near the Auction House (J-7). You will get a cutscene involving a man named Chelvadurai, who is looking for his daughter, Sanctia.
  • Next head over by the tent close to the oasis and talk to Zoriboh at (F-6/7). You will get a cutscene. He will ask you to go find Sanctia.


  • Head to Norg. Go up the stairs and through the Oaken Door on the left and talk to Sohyon (J-8). You will get a cutscene.
  • Then talk to Washu, who is right behind Sohyon, and receive the KeyItemWashu's Flask.


  • Next head to Korroloka Tunnel to fill your flask with water from four Giant Clams.
  • The first Giant Clam can be found at F-10 on Map 1 as you zone into Korroloka Tunnel from Zeruhn Mines. Click on the Giant Clam in this room to partially fill your flask.
  • The second Giant Clam can be found at K-6 on Map 3.
    • To get there, cross over the bridge at F/G-9, and head west to Tunnel H. This will take you to Map 3.
    • Head west to Tunnel G. You will be on Map 2.
    • Head west to Tunnel F. You will be back on Map 3.
    • Head north, take the first right and head east until you reach the Giant Clam. Fill your flask again.
  • The third Giant Clam can be found at G-11 on Map 5.
    • Go back the way you came, but this time take Tunnel E. You will be on Map 2.
    • Head west to Tunnel D. You will be on Map 5.
    • Just follow the tunnel straight west to the Giant Clam. Fill up your flask.
  • The final Giant Clam can be found at I-10 on Map 2.
    • Head back the way you came onto Map 2.
    • Cross south over the bridge a H/I-8.
    • The path will veer west, then south until it reaches a T intersection.
    • Head east to the Giant Clam. Fill your flask up all the way.
  • Your flask will now be full and be changed into the KeyItemFlask of Clam Water.

Travel Travel Travel

Game Description

Zoriboh (Near the oasis, Rabao)
A young cargo hauler named Sanctia has suddenly left Rabao and Zoriboh wants you to find her. According to Zoriboh, she has probably headed for Norg to board a ship bound for the Tavnazian Marquisate...
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