Certain items which are equippable in the Ammunition slot on the character cannot be thrown. Some of these items instead serve as ammunition to enhance the currently equipped Melee Weapon.

If the appropriate weapon and Charged Ammunition pair is equipped, the effect listed below will happen occasionally during battle. When the effect occurs, one unit of the Charged Ammunition will be consumed.

Weapons which require Charge Ammunition usually activate very often (about 10-15% of the time) and deal a decent amount of damage. This makes the chargeable weapons, combined with the ammo, good for the weapon's level range.

  • It should be listed that Mega Pumps do not activate with Platinum Grip equiped.

Charged Ammunitions
Item Effect Weapons
Wind Fan Wind Damage
Gust Claymore / Gust Claymore +1
Gust Sword / Gust Sword +1
Gust Tongue / Gust Tongue +1
Keppu / Keppu +1
Kyofu / Kyofu +1
Reppu / Reppu +1
Kilo Fan
Mega Fan
Battery Lightning Damage
Spark Baselard / Spark Baselard +1
Spark Bilbo / Spark Bilbo +1
Spark Dagger / Spark Dagger +1
Spark Degen / Spark Degen +1
Spark Fork / Spark Fork +1
Spark Kris / Spark Kris +1
Spark Rapier / Spark Rapier +1
Spark Spear / Spark Spear +1
Spark Lance / Spark Lance +1
Kilo Battery
Mega Battery
Hydro Pump Water Damage
Hydro Axe / Hydro Axe +1
Hydro Baghnakhs / Hydro Baghnakhs +1
Hydro Chopper / Hydro Chopper +1
Hydro Claws / Hydro Claws +1
Hydro Cutter / Hydro Cutter +1
Hydro Patas / Hydro Patas +1
Kilo Pump
Mega Pump
Virtue Stone Occasionally attacks twice
Faith Baghnakhs
Fortitude Axe
Hope Staff
Justice Sword
Love Halberd
Prudence Rod
Temperance Axe
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