Start NPC Cait Sith - Walk of Echoes
Requirements A Token of Troth complete
Items Needed Key ItemBreath of dawn x3
Title Granted Light of Dawn
Repeatable No (see The Dawn Also Rises for repeatable version)
Reward Choice of one of the following:
Cait Sith summoning spell or
Nesanica Torque or
Nesanica Belt or
Nesanica Ring or
10,000 gil
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A Token of Troth The Dawn Also Rises

A Forbidden Reunion


Please note that those accompanying others to do this run must also have the 3 Breaths of Dawn if it is their first time doing this, if you've already done this before you NEED to collect ONE Breath of Dawn in order to assist others in this run too! - Refer to this page if you've already done this run.


The battle

  • Time limit: 15 minutes
  • Buffs wear on entry.
  • Alter Egos may be called forth inside the battlefield.
  • Target: Cait Sith (NM)
  • If you fail the fight, you must reobtain one of the key items to try again.
    • To re-obtain key item, examine Regal Pawprint glow outside the Ornate door first, then travel to any of the previously gotten glows spots.
  • Information Needed

Game Description

Cait Sith??? (Walk of Echoes)
A familiar, enigmatic voice has asked you to travel to Ronfaure, Jugner Forest, and Beaucedine Glacier in the Shadowreign Era and gather latent energies present there.