Chamber Commerce


The Chamber of Commerce and Industry assists the local community with job placement and labor arbitration. Since most adventurers have perfectly good jobs fighting monsters and fiends, this building serves only as a place to ask for directions, purchase an airship pass, or acquire maps.

Location: Lower Jeuno H-7

Shop type: Government Building


Name Items Sold Price
Promurouve Map of Qufim Island 3000 gil
Map of the Eldieme Necropolis 3000 gil
Map of the Garlaige Citadel 3000 gil
Map of the Elshimo Regions 3000 gil


Name Purpose
Biora Adventurer's Assistant

Shows you a diagram of the levels of Jeuno.

Danzhor Job Applicant
Darcia Seekers of Adoulin Missions
Derrick Chamber Clerk

Starts Quest: Save the Clock Tower

Promurouve Map Vendor
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