Job Ability


  • Upon casting a physical Blue Magic spell while Chain Affinity is active, the effect and the user's current TP are consumed. The TP consumed will enhance the spell cast as per its description in the Blue Magic sub-menu ("Accuracy varies with TP"). These TP modifiers are only active when under the effect of Chain Affinity, but spells with TP-dependent Additional Effects, such as Sub-zero Smash and Seedspray, may still process even while Chain Affinity is not active.
  • Allows the physical Blue Magic spell to participate in a skillchain, making self-skillchains possible. Because TP is consumed upon casting, the Weapon Skill should be performed first, followed by the spell. Chain Affinity may be readied at any time (before or after the Weapon Skill) prior to casting the spell.
  • Unlike Weapon Skills, physical Blue Magic spells under Chain Affinity require no TP to use and will not consume TP if the target is outside of the spell's effective range ("Monster is too far away").
  • Doubles the Weapon Skill Secondary Stat Modifiers (WSC) of the physical Blue Magic spell used. Most spells modified by primary attributes (STR, DEX, VIT, etc) will experience a significant increase in potency under Chain Affinity, even at 0% TP. Spells modified by DEX may also experience an accuracy increase.
  • Works with Sekkanoki resulting in only 100%TP loss when using Blue Magic, Which enables backwards self skillchain.

Also see: Blue Renkei

Macro Syntax

  • /ja "Chain Affinity" <me>