Chacharoon's Cheer

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Start NPC Green Thumb Moogle
Requirements KeyItem.png"Sakura and the Magic Spoon"
Items Needed Gold Beastcoin
Reward Unlock "Cheer" bonuses from Monster Rearing.
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Cry Not, Caretaker Trial of the Chacharoon
Replay Cutscenes
Chacharoon's Cheer (pt.1) Goblin Footprint Mog Garden
Chacharoon's Cheer (pt.2) Goblin Footprint Mog Garden



  • During the cutscene received on flagging this quest, Susuroon summarizes the story of "Sakura and the Magic Spoon." Each line of dialogue refers to stories you have completed, much like unlocking an alter ego.

Game Description

Susuroon, (Mog Gardens)
Susuroon needs your help getting Chacharoon interested in the jingly. The young qiqirn idolizes adventurer types, so try handing him a gold beastcoin to convince him of your worth.
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