Monipulator Overview

Type: Beasts
Family: Cerberuses
Weak against: Plantoids
Strong against: Stun (Status Effect)
Killer Trait: Lizard Killer
Size: Large
Movement Speed: 150%Exclamation

The unearthly three-headed Cerberus prowls the tunnels of Halvung. It was discovered buried in igneous rock during a construction project. The beast went on a rampage until the mercenary chief managed to tame him. Although Cerberus is faithful to his master, one of his heads is continually afflicted with a craving, which puts the beast in a constant foul mood. In his endless rage, Cerberus spews toxic flames without cease or concern for surroundings, resulting in many hapless tragedies. It is for this reason that even the menacing Troll Mercenaries are said to cover their ears and shiver in fear when the jarring roar of Cerberus echoes through the tunnels.

How to Unlock:

Species Forms:

  • Cerberus (MON) (Available level 1-99)
  • Orthrus (MON) (Available level 50-99) (Purchased from Teyrnon for 25000 Infamy)
Table of Contents:
Monster SkillsTraitsInstincts

Monster Skills

Monster Traits

Level  Name TP(%)  Description
1 Lava Spit 100 Deals fire damage to enemies around the target.
10 Sulfurous Breath 120 Deals physical fire damage to enemies in a fan-shaped area originating from caster.
30 Ululation 120 Paralyzes enemies around the caster.
50 Magma Hoplon 120 Grants the effects of "Blaze Spikes" and "Stoneskin."
60 Gates of Hades 250 Deals fire damage to enemies around the caster. Additional effect: Burn.
Level  Name
10  Defense Bonus
15  Resist Virus
25  Double Attack
30  Attack Bonus
35  Resist Virus II
45  Fencer (No effectExclamation)
55  Resist Virus III
58  Fencer II (No effectExclamation)
70  Resist Virus IV
71  Fencer III (No effectExclamation)
Level  Name
75 (Merit)  Savagery
75 (Merit)  Aggressive Aim (No effect)
78  Critical Attack Bonus
80  Shield Defense Bonus (No effect)
81  Resist Virus V
84  Fencer IV (No effectExclamation)
86  Defense Bonus II
86  Critical Attack Bonus II
91  Attack Bonus II
97  Fencer V (No effectExclamation)

Instincts Learned

Instinct NameEffectFaculty Point Cost Level
Cerberus Instinct I Attack+30 Resist Sleep +75 Haste +2% 10 30
Cerberus Instinct II MP+100 Resist Silence +75 Fast Cast +8 12 60
Cerberus Instinct III All elemental resistances +50 Physical damage taken -3% Triple Attack +3% 14 90

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