Cerane I Virgaut
Cerane I Virgaut


  • Appears in Campaign Battles as the leader of the Aragoneu Knights.
  • Wields Aegis, and does very large damage with Shield Bash, Up to 2000 points of damage.
  • Casts Protect IV, Shell IV, Cure IV, Stoneskin and Phalanx.
  • Uses Invincible.
  • Is able to Double Attack.
  • Her HP appears to never fall during battle. She rarely takes more than 20~ points of damage due to her near constant shield blocking.
  • Wields a Morgenstern, Uses Hexa Strike (between 900-1400+ points of damage), Black Halo, Judgment and True Strike.
  • Battle Cry: Ha hah! Your arrows cannot pierce the iron will of a true knight! - tends to say this only when she uses Invincible.
  • Talk: It is often in times of strife that a man's true nature is revealed. Will you stand tall in the face of fear, or run and cower in the wake of your mother's dress?
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