• Central Temenos - Basement 1 is a subsection of the Temenos zone in the Limbus region.
  • It is reached via the Teleport-Holla crag entrance to Al'Taieu.
  • Enter by trading Metal Chip to the Matter Diffusion Module in Temenos.
  • 15 minute initial time limit, four(?) 5 minute extensions.
  • There is only one level.


  • Temenos Aern x27
    • Found in groups of 2-5
    • Can aggro
    • can link
    • shares alliance hate(?)
    • Can reraise up to 3 times
    • Can use 2-hour abilities again after reraising
    • Summoners need to be taken out in 1 shot (will 2hr immediately after a volley of nukes)
    • Drop 1 Ancient Beastcoin +1 per reraise.
    • Aern in groups of 3 drop a time extension chest(?)
    • Groups of 3 can be hard to synchronize nuke down, best advised to ES Sleepga between nukes, resistance builds.
    • Monk hits for 200+ and hundred fist is deadly, best trick is to sleep them while in 2hour.
  • Temenos Ghrah x1
    • Presumed to be the Mega Boss of the area.
    • Spawns instantly where the last Temenos Aern was killed for the final time.
    • Spawns in humanoid form, uses sword WSs. Favors Vorpal Blade and can 1-shot a DD, even at lvl99 cap.
    • Resistant to magic damage.