• Central Temenos - 3rd Floor is a subsection of the Temenos zone in the Limbus region.
  • It is reached via the Teleport-Holla crag entrance to Al'Taieu.
  • Cosmo-Cleanse and White Card key items are required for entry.
  • Enter by trading an Ivory Chip to the Matter Diffusion Module in Temenos.
  • 45 minute limit, no extensions.
  • Can be cleared with a balanced group of 12 players.
    • Can be cleared with a balanced group of 9 players.
    • Can be cleared with a strong group of 7 players. Members included PLD, NIN, 2x DRK, BRD, RDM and BLM
    • Can be cleared with NIN, DD/NIN x2, RDM/SCH and BLM/WHM.
    • Can be cleared duo with a blu/nin and rdm/whm at lvl 95
    • Can be cleared solo by skilled BST 99 skipping mobs and killing bosses straight away
  • There is only one level, and only one chest (Items).
  • Typical Ancient Beastcoin yield: 50
  • All mobs in this area use their job's 2-hour ability, as in Dynamis.
  • Normal mobs drop 0-2 Ancient Beastcoins; the NMs drop 6-8 Ancient Beastcoins.
  • All mobs including the final NMs are easily susceptible to Sleep and Lullaby at lvl 95, though PLDs are more resistant.
  • The key is to skip Abyssdweller Jhabdebb, Orichalcum Quadav, and Pee Qoho the Python and kill all the normal beastmen first. Killing normal beastmen makes their corresponding boss weaker.
    • Stay as close to the walls as possible when passing them. Sneak and Invisible are not necessary.
  • Regular mobs can be "Carby-pulled", the NMs in the center can also be "Carby-pulled" contrary to earlier reports.
    • Tested May 2nd 2008, middle bosses can be pulled using an avatar (see discussion).
  • Drops AF+1 materials for WHM, THF, NIN, MNK, DRG, WAR, COR, SCH
  • Reward for completion: Silver Chip

Drop Chart

Item (Job) Floor 1
Benedict Silk (WHM) 5.3%Warning(5.3%)
Brilliantine (SCH) 10.5%Warning(10.5%)
Cbl. Myth. Sheet (DRG) 21.1%Warning(21.1%)
Pantin Wire (PUP) 0%Warning(0%)
Chameleon Yarn (RNG) 0%Warning(0%)
Coiled Yarn (BRD) 0%Warning(0%)
Dark Orichalcum (DRK) 0%Warning(0%)
Diabolic Silk (BLM) 0%Warning(0%)
Ecarlate Cloth (WAR) 0%Warning(0%)
Filet Lace (DNC) 0%Warning(0%)
Glittering Yarn (SMN) 0%Warning(0%)
Luminian Thread (BLU) 0%Warning(0%)
Plaited Cord (NIN) 10.5%Warning(10.5%)
Ruby Silk Thread (RDM) 0%Warning(0%)
Scarlet Odoshi (SAM) 0%Warning(0%)
Silkworm Thread (COR) 21.1%Warning(21.1%)
Smalt Leather (BST) 0%Warning(0%)
Snowy Cermet (PLD) 0%Warning(0%)
Supple Skin (THF) 13.2%Warning(13.2%)
Ut. Gold Thread (MNK) 21.1%Warning(21.1%)

Starting area (SW of central chamber)


To the west of the entrance are

Go north to find

NE area

Go south to find

SE area

SW area

Central Chamber

  • The chest appears in the middle of the room when all three NMs have been defeated.

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