• Central Temenos - 3rd Floor is a subsection of the Temenos zone in the Limbus region.
  • It is reached via the Teleport-Holla crag entrance to Al'Taieu.
  • Cosmo-Cleanse and White Card key items are required for entry.
  • Enter by trading an Ivory Chip to the Matter Diffusion Module in Temenos.
  • 45 minute limit, no extensions.
  • Can be cleared with a balanced group of 12 players.
    • Can be cleared with a balanced group of 9 players.
    • Can be cleared with a strong group of 7 players. Members included PLD, NIN, 2x DRK, BRD, RDM and BLM
    • Can be cleared with NIN, DD/NIN x2, RDM/SCH and BLM/WHM.
    • Can be cleared duo with a blu/nin and rdm/whm at lvl 95
    • Can be cleared solo by skilled BST 99 skipping mobs and killing bosses straight away
  • There is only one level, and only one chest (Items).
  • Typical Ancient Beastcoin yield: 50
  • All mobs in this area use their job's 2-hour ability, as in Dynamis.
  • Normal mobs drop 0-2 Ancient Beastcoins; the NMs drop 6-8 Ancient Beastcoins.
  • All mobs including the final NMs are easily susceptible to Sleep and Lullaby at lvl 95, though PLDs are more resistant.
  • The key is to skip Abyssdweller Jhabdebb, Orichalcum Quadav, and Pee Qoho the Python and kill all the normal beastmen first. Killing normal beastmen makes their corresponding boss weaker.
    • Stay as close to the walls as possible when passing them. Sneak and Invisible are not necessary.
  • Regular mobs can be "Carby-pulled", the NMs in the center can also be "Carby-pulled" contrary to earlier reports.
    • Tested May 2nd 2008, middle bosses can be pulled using an avatar (see discussion).
  • Drops AF+1 materials for WHM, THF, NIN, MNK, DRG, WAR, COR, SCH
  • Reward for completion: Silver Chip

Drop Chart

Item (Job) Floor 1
Benedict Silk (WHM) 5.3%More data needed.(5.3%)
Brilliantine (SCH) 10.5%More data needed.(10.5%)
Cbl. Myth. Sheet (DRG) 21.1%More data needed.(21.1%)
Pantin Wire (PUP) 0%More data needed.(0%)
Chameleon Yarn (RNG) 0%More data needed.(0%)
Coiled Yarn (BRD) 0%More data needed.(0%)
Dark Orichalcum (DRK) 0%More data needed.(0%)
Diabolic Silk (BLM) 0%More data needed.(0%)
Ecarlate Cloth (WAR) 0%More data needed.(0%)
Filet Lace (DNC) 0%More data needed.(0%)
Glittering Yarn (SMN) 0%More data needed.(0%)
Luminian Thread (BLU) 0%More data needed.(0%)
Plaited Cord (NIN) 10.5%More data needed.(10.5%)
Ruby Silk Thread (RDM) 0%More data needed.(0%)
Scarlet Odoshi (SAM) 0%More data needed.(0%)
Silkworm Thread (COR) 21.1%More data needed.(21.1%)
Smalt Leather (BST) 0%More data needed.(0%)
Snowy Cermet (PLD) 0%More data needed.(0%)
Supple Skin (THF) 13.2%More data needed.(13.2%)
Ut. Gold Thread (MNK) 21.1%More data needed.(21.1%)

Starting area (SW of central chamber)

Area map

To the west of the entrance are

Go north to find

NE area

Go south to find

SE area

SW area

Central Chamber

  • The chest appears in the middle of the room when all three NMs have been defeated.

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