Inventor's Coalition Reward Bayld Vendor NPC



Please note: Higher coalition ranking yields lower prices.
Item Bayld Used on Effect
Arborscent Seed 270-300 Garden Furrow May be planted in your furrow
Arborfruit Seed 405-450 May be planted in your furrow
Garden Worm 270-300 Increases yield
Grove Humus 405-450 Reduces time needed to mature plants
Coalition Humus 6750-7500 Increases chance of harvesting rare items
Grow-M-Good 45000-50000 Instantly matures plants
Grove Worm 810-900 Arboreal Grove Increases yield
Grove Mulch 1215-1350 Increases number of logging attempts
Grove Cuttings 1620-1800 Eliminates weed-pulling
Entisyrup 2025-2250 Eliminates logging
Coalition Fertilizer 11520-12800 Increases chance of finding rare items
Stone Serum 810-900 Mineral Vein Increases yield
Vein Serum 1215-1350 Increases number of mining attempts
Auserum 1620-1800 Increases chance of mining precious metals
Smelting Serum 2025-2250 Increases chance of mining metals
Coalition Serum 11520-12800 Increases chance of mining rare items
Sardine Sphere 270-300 Pond Dredger Increases yield slightly
Bass Sphere 405-450 Increases yield moderately
Shrimp Sphere 540-600 Increases yield greatly
Baitball 675-750 Increases yield vastly
Super Baitball 6750-7500 Increases chance of pulling up rare fish
Sardine Chum 270-300 Coastal Fishing Net Increases yield slightly
Bass Chum 405-450 Increases yield moderately
Shrimp Chum 540-600 Increases yield greatly
Mincemeat Chum 675-750 Increases yield vastly
Coalition Chum 6750-7500 Increases chance of pulling up rare fish
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