I removed Lowing from the list of Blue Mage Fire procs. I kept the template there though. If someone procs with Lowing and can provide evidence, please feel free to add it back to this page or PM me if you don't know how. Peldin (talk) 09:47, September 13, 2012 (UTC)

Awful Eye Proc?

I recently noticed some conflicting wiki views on Awful Eye. FFXIclopedia doesn't list Awful Eye as one of 4 water-elemental Blue Magic procs, but BG Wiki does list it as one of 5 water-elemental Blue Magic procs. Not sure what to think of this, but for now I'll stick with the FFXIclopedia listing. --LordChocoSlime (talk) 14:50, September 30, 2012 (UTC)


"Affiliation with one of the Crystal War era nations (by completing any one of the starting quests for Wings of the Goddess Missions -- The Fighting Fourth [Bastok], Steamed Rams [San d'Oria], or Snake on the Plains [Windurst])"

Is this really true? I was able to flag the San d'Oria (present day) quest and have never started any WotG missions and have never set foot in the past on the character in question. On that chracter, I now have the quest open and am holding a Crimson Stratum Abyssite and Voidstone KI. --Pahya Remora (talk) 21:14, January 2, 2014 (UTC)