Just so you peoples know, I created two templates to add under statistics, much like I did for shields (though someone else implemented those templates). Be aware that they are as follows:


This is a Returning Weapon. When used, it performs a ranged attack and returns to your hand. As such, it requires no ammunition.


This is a Returning Weapon. When used, it performs a ranged attack and returns to your hand. As such, it requires no ammunition.

See Boomerang for an example of how this is used. --Chrisjander 18:07, 25 July 2006 (EDT)

Fire Bomblet

I just noticed that "Fire Bomblet" is listed under the Ranged throwing weapons, but it should be under Ammo. This seems to be one of the Core type weapons, and not a boomerang/chakram which normally go under the AH Ranged category. --Chrisjander 09:03, 26 July 2006 (EDT)

  • Yes, the Fire Bomblet is an ammo type throwing weapon. I moved it to Ammo. :) --Nomido 10:06, 19 September 2006 (EDT)

-- Is there some kind of "Damage-Caps" ? I noticed that my "Long Boomerang" always does (on Forest Hares, while camping JEJ) 114 DMG (with criticals 142) It can't get higher. My Skill now is 111 and even when it was 89 it did this damage... -- There is an upper damage cap based on your STR and your Weapon's Base Damage. When your attack and STR greatly exceed a mob's stats (as is when a Level 30 character attacks level 1 mobs), you will almost always do the exact same damage (assuming you don't miss), and that is your damage cap for your current stats. Adding additional STR, or lowering your target's VIT, should increase the upper cap. --Chrisjander 01:25, 28 December 2006 (EST)


Technically isn't Ninja A- in throwing and not A? Last time I checked 269 is A-, 276 is A+, there is no A.


Why do we have throwing skill HIGHER than our Hand-to-hand skill when all we can equip as a throwing weapon (aside from all job items) is a rare Nazar Bonjuk meant for stats? On top of that, you can't even use a throwing weapon if you have an animator equipped, which every PUP needs to function. WTF is with that SE? --Bsphil 02:23, 25 August 2007 (CDT)


The Chakram list of weapons needs to be updated, since Dancer can use them and is not listed.

Dancer is also not listed as a job on the list of jobs that can use a throwing weapon. (C+ Skill)

Non Throwing Weapons

Hedgehog Bomb, Morion Tathlum, Holy Ampulla, Bailathorn, Bomb Core, Phantom, Tathlum, Fenrir's Stone, Happy Egg, Fortune Egg

Mantra Coin, Optical Needle, Nazar Bonjuk, Kakanpu, Goblin Grenade, Healing Feather, Spirit Lantern, Refresh Musk, Wyvern Feed

Astral Pot, Balm Sachet, Millefleurs Sachet, Olibanum Sachet, Attar Sachet, Sweet Sachet, Civet Sachet, Musk Sachet, Tiphia Sting

Orphic Egg, Bibiki Seashell, Volunteer's Dart, Mercenary's Dart, Imperial Dart, Fire Bomblet

Could someone mark the ones that CAN be thrown and the ones that CANNOT be thrown? I just threw my Imperial Egg! :( At least it was only a 60K loss. Seems that SE should have added that one to the "Do not throw list" but alias, no!

Equipement that enhances skill

Equipment that Enhance this Skill

By Amount Added

Name Skill Increase
+12 +10 +5 +1
War Shinobi Gi +1 CheckCheck
War Shinobi Gi CheckCheck
Ashigaru Targe CheckCheck
Hurling Belt CheckCheck
Ninja Tekko CheckCheck
Ninja Tekko +1 CheckCheck
Stellar Earring CheckCheck

By Equipment Slot


Level Name Jobs Bonus
70 Ashigaru Targe All +5


Level Name Jobs Bonus
70 War Shinobi Gi NIN +10
70 War Shinobi Gi +1 NIN +12


Level Name Jobs Bonus
60 Ninja Tekko NIN +5
74 Ninja Tekko +1 NIN +5


Level Name Jobs Bonus
60 Hurling Belt All +5


Level Name Jobs Bonus
70 Stellar Earring All +1

I made a table in the format used by defensive skills, but the type for offensive skills is much more suitable, if for some reason the defensive skill format is needed, I'll leave this here for reference. --Themanii 21:41, September 15, 2009 (UTC)

Chat Log

Was doing besieged today skilling up my throwing when i noticed 2 "new" chat log messages for my ranged attacks.

Bidski's ranged attack strikes true, pummeling the <t> for xx points of damage! and Bidski's ranged attack hits the <t> squarely for xx points of damage!

I was at really close quarters to the mob i was attacking when i saw these (pratically in its face).

Has anyone ever seen these before? Are they new? And any idea as to what precisely they mean? All i have ever seen before is the usual "Bidski's ranged hits the <t> for xx points of damage" and "Critical Hit! Bidski's ranged hits the <t> for xx points of damage". --Bidski 07:38, November 23, 2009 (UTC)

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