Just adding a small talk page as i havnt found anywhere else to list species unlocks.

Species Unlocked Through Leveling

Lv.30 Rabbit: Tiger.

Lv.30 Mandragora: Sabotender.

Lv.30 Lizard: Bugard.

Lv.30 Bee: Damselfly.

Lv.30 Sheep: Dhalmel.

Lv.30 Treant Sapling: Funguar.

Lv.30 Beetle: Crawler.

Lv.30 Raptor: Eft.

Lv.30 Tiger didnt unlock anything for a friend, so going to assume the 2nd tier species unlocks may be higher level or so far unimplemented, will update last two when i find them out.

6pm GMT 6th August 2013. - Blackelement

Species Unlocked Through Suibhne Quiz

specilating that there will be more quizes from his text, but only one is implemented so far

First Quiz - Bee

(for me) questions: Who is in Psandy - Suibhne(?), Who is in Pwindy - Aengus, Who is in Pbastok - Teyrnon.




Has anyone else figured out more about gladiator rank yet? ----Arkitanx

Infamy over 10,000

I haven't seen anyone address the issue with infamy over 10,000 yet, so here goes. The cap is 10,000 unless you enter into Belligerency, as stated. If you enter into Belligerency the cap is 50,000 infamy and you can get the bonus Faculty Points. However, this is the part I haven't seen mentioned, if you have more than 10,000 infamy and leave Belligerency then all points over 10,000 will be lost. Spend em or lose em. EDIT: I had tested this at the time of posting and it was accurate, but SE must have updated it since. I just retested to see for myself and you do indeed retain infamy over 10,000 now. (14Mar14@1448) --Kaivalya (talk) 13:03, January 15, 2014 (UTC)

The part I slashed out isn't true. If you leave belligerency and your infamy is over 10,000, it simply freezes, and does not increase unless you reenter belligerency. You do, however, lose the faculty point bonuses outside belligerency. To get them back, simply reenter belligerency with the proper amount of infamy.--Blue Donkey Kong (talk) 19:40, January 15, 2014 (UTC)

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