Expedition format

Should there be separate pages for each expedition, or a basic list of them, the goals and requirements on the main page?

researcher (5th rank) #1: goal1:defeat 10 enemies goal2: defeat 15 enemies goal3: defeat 18 enemies

mobs: (about 6 of each)
dendigger crabs (crab) PLD? IT to 99, agro (south end of map)
tunnel crabs (crab) PLD? EM to 99, agro (near entry point)
cornucopieyes (hecteye) BLM IT to 99, agro (middle of map)
one unidentified blue chest near entry. did not respond to attack, but vanished when we came past the area again. finished with 17/18 kills, no mobs on widescan. possible mimic mob for 18th?

adjunct (1st rank) #1 goal1: defeat 10 enemies goal2: defeat 15Verification Needed Enemies goal3: defeat all enemies

mobs: BLM worms and (possibly PLD) crabs. all EP to 99, unusually long linking and agro distance for worms. one blue chest in the south room restored HP/MP to party