TP Gain Per Hit Update

I just wanted to point out that I'm quite certain Squenix adjusted the TP Gain Per Hit for great axes in the June 2010 update. Using a Sparth, I'm getting 15-16 per hit with only Store TP +6. A Friend is getting 15-16 also using a Horror Voulge with no Store TP gear. I'm posting here because I didn't notice it in the June 2010 update information.

Weapon skill: Breaks

I would like to send a message to everyone asking for any info you have on the 'break' weapon skills. Duration to TP ratio, Amount of DEF lowered by armor break, Amount of attack decreasy by Weapon break, amount of all 4 stat decreases by Full break? The only info i have from a depandable source is the amount of -EVA from shield Break determined by alot of ACC gear testing.



LV72 axe is spelled Ulfhedinn Axe. --zoogelio-forgot-his-password 12:14, 5 March 2006 (PST)


Great Axe WS		100%	200%	300%	#Hits	Secondary Attribute	TP Adjustment
Shield Break*		1:30min	2:00min	2:30min	1x	STR_20%, VIT_20%	EVA Down Duration, 1.00 fTP Modifier
Iron Tempest		1.50	2.00	2.00	1x	STR_30%			fTP Modifier
Sturmwind#		1.00			2x	STR_30%			Critical Rate (Crits ?x Dam. both hits)
Armor Break*		1:30min	2:00min	2:30min	1x	STR_20%, VIT_20%	DEF Down Duration, 1.00 fTP Modifier
Keen Edge		1.00			1x	STR_35%			Critical Rate (Crits 3x Dam.)
Weapon Break*		1:30min	2:00min	2:30min	1x	STR_32%, VIT_32%	ATK Down Duration, 1.00 fTP Modifier
Raging Rush		1.00	1.50	2.50	3x	STR_35%			fTP Modifier
Full Break*		1:30min	2:00min	2:30min	1x	STR_50%, VIT_50%	ACC,EVA,DEF,ATK Down Duration, 1.00 fTP Modifier
Steel Cyclone		1.50	1.75	3.00	1x	STR_50%, VIT_50%	fTP Modifier
*Break WS notes: Based on "Element" of Break WS mobs will also have differing status Down durations.
Shield Break = Ice, Armor Break = Wind, Weapon Break = Water, Full Break = Earth
Mob is resistant to WS element: 0x Duration of Status Down (Status Down does not take effect)
Mob is neither resistant nor weak to WS element: 1x Duration of Status Down based on TP Adjustment
Mob is weak to WS element: 2x Duration of Status Down based on TP Adjustment
#Edit: The in-game description of Sturmwind suggests a standard damage fTP modifier.

It seems like the Breaks other than Shield should be easy to test in Ballista, though the effects may not be the same outside of Ballista. --Valyana 14:16, 5 March 2006 (PST)

Currently working on filling out all the currently missing Great Axes in the list, and updating listed TP gain for all Great Axes to the new (post-update) values.
Belade 05:03, 4 June 2006 (PDT)

Dark Knight Great Axe Skill

Skill for Dark Knight is B-, same as axe and sword. Not B+.

Cap is 240 @ 75.

Searching various cites shows everything from B+ to C. Can we maybe get a pic of the skill capped or something. --Gahoo 13:08, 9 November 2006 (EST)

Lemme check Vill, his Great Axe should be capped at lv 30 DRK. --Chrisjander 13:57, 9 November 2006 (EST)

Dark Knight Greataxe Cap.JPG

Seems to cap at the same level as Sword. If anyone has a pic of a higher level DRK with GA capped, please upload over my pic. --Chrisjander 14:11, 9 November 2006 (EST)

Edited the description or Raging Rush to reflect the new changes. Excat modifier changes (if any) will obviously have to wait till we can perform tests.