Shroom order

Regarding this note, I don't think it's true for WotG Funguar at least. I was fighting a Coppercap and it used Shakeshroom as its first TP move. I have never even seen a Funguar use this before, so I came to look it up. May just be those in the past. -- Aequis 11:10, 23 March 2008 (UTC)

Shrooms Left

While leveling Beastmaster in the Boyhada Tree I was using the funguar as pets against other funguar and spiders. I noticed multiple times when fighting funguars that when they would use a second mushroom from their cap they would seem to become paralyzed. I was using a funguar as a pet too so that is why I'm not 100% sure it was my prey and not my pet. I am about 80% sure because my pet would attack and a message "Funguar is Paralyzed" would come up way too fast for it to be my pet attacking, and I know my pet didn't use its paralyzing TP attack. The message also came up as my funguar was attacking, and since as far as I know a double attack can't be paralyzed so it must have been the prey funguar. Can anyone confirm or rebuke this? --RolentoLak

I know the Second Mushroom's TP Attack paralyzes the enemy, Numbshroom i think it is, Maybe a glitch or are you saying your pet used Numbshroom on it and it became paralyzed =? --User:Karbuncle

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