Kamihr Drifts Talk

One strategy is to use the log out method of having a Bard pull agro of the lesser monsters to the camp areas then logging out and logging back in before the NM is killed. This is so that the adds deaggro (make sure team is ahead of BRD before he/she logs out) and you dont waste time fighting adds. You can do something similar with Summoners if you don't prefer that method since you do run the chance of locking the bard out if the NM is killed before they log back in.

First pull is NM 1, then they pull NM2 down from the right path to where NM1 was fought. The DD group pulls the NM off the bard while they lullaby the adds and log out or just simply die.

After NM2 is defeated you have the bard pull the mobs while the party follows. The group should be following the left wall from where they fought the first NMs eventually coming to the clearing to camp/fight NMs 3 and 4. The bard repeats the sleep and then log out method.

From this clearing, after defeating NMs 3 and 4, you head towards the area NM4 was pulled from. Follow the right wall, you will be passing through opo opo's and tigers. Ideally you want to pull NM5 and the train of lesser mobs all the way down to the dead end where a Ram is located. You just keep following the right wall until you come to said dead end, the bard will take the left path towards Uthux allowing for the main party to fight Mirka in the safety of the dead end area.

After Mirka is dead you just go up the ramp and follow the right wall through the dead tree tunnel where Uthux is located.

credit to saitahiraita.blog.shinobi.jp