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==Weapon Skills==

(Hello!) I would like to start something new about weaponskills. I'll try adding my input of what i know and others can help. ATM i am a WAR 12 with AXE i might try leveling AXE with my ranger since i can kill wothless mobs and get skillups faster but right now maybe i'll try tanking some with a party and get some killer skill ups.

What I have found out so far. (will edit when i get 40,70,100 AXE)

Raging Axe - Low damage but possable skillup x2.
Exzir 15:37, 20 March 2008 (UTC)

Section doesn't make sense?

"It should be noted that because of the fact that their most damaging weaponskills are frequently multi-hit, accuracy plays a more important role in the Axe-wielder's build than, say, a sword or dagger user's."

Sword's most potent weaponskill is Vorpal Blade and Dagger's is Dancing Edge; both of these are multi-hit. Even the more readily-available Evisceration for Dagger is multihit. This paragraph just doesn't seem to make any sense to me; all three weapon types mentioned have their principle WS being multihit and, as is correctly stated, accuracy is therefore a huge factor -- but it is not a comparative factor... all three need lots of accuracy.

I just don't think that it is a very valid comparison. Thoughts? --Raen Ryong 14:03, 6 August 2008 (UTC)

Ninja gets dual wield at level 10

Shouldn't the note about /nins getting to use two axes say level 20, not 50? --Toksyuryel 18:29, 3 September 2008 (UTC)

What Kind Of Monsters Are Weak To The Mighty Axe Type Weapon? What Type of Monsters Are Axes Strong Against? Where Can I Find This Information?

I want to know if Axes have a certain kind of advantage over a certain type of monster or animal in Vanadiel. I am not interested in the Axes' skillchain properties and the monsters' elemental weaknesses because I can find that information on the relevent axe weapon skill pages and monster pages. In conclusion, which monsters are weak to axes while ignoring axe weapon skill information and monsters' elemental weaknesses? Thank you. LDf5% 00:31, October 27, 2009 (UTC)

Damage Type

Yes, all weapons are attributed a certain damage type - axes deal slashing damage; most (if not all) mobs are of a type (beast, undead, beastmen, etc.) and belong to a family - among other things the family determines how vulnerable a member of that family is to certain damage types. For instance, members of the bees family take x.75 damage from slashing weapons while hounds take x1.125 (see that table here). I would like to see damage type added to the template for each weapon class and have it link back to the Damage Type page. So Axes, for instance, would have a field for Damage Type: Slashing. It might also be a good idea each individual weapon's page because there are some exceptions to the general damage type per weapon class, for instance bilbos do slashing and not piercing damage, but I think a general note somewhere would be sufficient to clear up any confusion. My main reason for putting this forward is consolidation of information for reference purposes - individual articles are important, but even though a fresh page is a right-click away it's better to have the information at 'eye-level' for quick reference (esp for reference once the party has begun so you don't slow the party down while hunting for some arcane, but important, piece of information). Trying to find th best place to put this idea forward to the wiki community. Zrayaan 08:34, December 17, 2009 (UTC)

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