Did August 2019 Volume 2 solo (with trusts) as BST/DNC (~360JP)

Pet: Bouncing Bertha

Gear: Mostly Tali'ah Manteel +1 Set, with Desultor Tassets and some Ankusa Armor Set gear swapped in. Arktoi and Charmer's Merlin

Difficuly: Normal. Attempted difficult since easily clearing normal, but failed due to adds killing healers too fast.

Trusts: Trust:_Apururu_(UC), Trust:_Shantotto II, Trust:_Gessho, Trust: Zeid II, Trust: Koru-Moru.

The boss is a green watermelon Mandragora. It will spawn 3 mandragoras and takes no damage while they are out. The adds take very low damage (0-2), but will die in 4-5 normal hits. The adds will be spawned several times and increase in strenght each time. Hate seem separate from boss and will attack healers quick.

When the boss is alone it will use a AoE blind attack giving everyone about -1000 accuracy. This can be removed by using Emote/point on the boss 3-5 times. It will recast blind after a short while.

Dream Flower was not used at any point.

Doom has been observed used by boss on Normal difficulty.

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