This vast area lies at the heart of the Quon continent. It is divided into the upland region, which consists of the Konschtat Highlands and La Theine Plateau, and the lowland region, which is made up of the Valkurm Dunes. Though this area has frequently been tested by the tides of war, the region is also known as a crossroads for the cultures of the northern and southern civilizations.


The outpost of this region is located in Valkurm Dunes at H-7. To use the teleporting NPC, you must be at least level 10 (as of the 06/05/2007 update).

Regional Vendor

Bastok Merchant San d'Oria Merchant Windurst Merchant Goods
Port Bastok J-7
Southern San d'Oria K-9
Bin Stejihna
Windurst Woods G-8

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