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*[[Blood Ring]]
*[[Blood Ring]]
*[[Insect Ring]]
*[[Insect Ring]]
|align="center"|<!--Add NM's trophy-->[[Chigre]]
|align="center"|<!--Add NM's trophy-->[[Chigre (Item)|Chigre]]
|align="center" style="background: #01796F;" |<!--Add Key item obtained Here-->[[Pine Green Seal]]
|align="center" style="background: #01796F;" |<!--Add Key item obtained Here-->[[Pine Green Seal]]
|align="center"|<!--Add Tier 2 NMs here-->
|align="center"|<!--Add Tier 2 NMs here-->

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Zeni Notorious Monster (ZNM) events are accessed by trading a pop item to random ??? around Vana'Diel. When entered, the pop item will disappear and allow others to enter the battlefield as well. A full alliance of 18 can enter these ZNMs only using one pop item. This is a normal monster battle, not a battlefield instance. The pop items are obtained from Sanraku in Aht Urhgan Whitegate in exchange for Zeni.

  • As with BCNM, only one person uses the item at a time.

Tier I

Pop item cost in Zeni: (Minimum 1000 --- Maximum 2500)Exclamation

Tier I NM Notable Drops Trophy Seal Rewarded Tier II ZNMs Unlocked
Chamrosh Chamrosh's Beak Maroon Seal
Cheese Hoarder Gigiroon Gigiroon's Cape Maroon Seal
Vulpangue Vulpangue's Wing Maroon Seal
Brass Borer Brass Borer's Cocoon Cerise Seal
Claret Claret Globule Cerise Seal
Ob Ob's Arm Cerise Seal
Chigre Chigre Pine Green Seal
Lil' Apkallu Lil' Apkallu's Egg Pine Green Seal
Velionis Velionis' Bone Pine Green Seal

Tier II

Tier II NM Notable Drops Seal Required Trophy Seal Rewarded Tier III ZNMs Unlocked
Iriri Samariri Maroon Seal Iriri Samariri's Hat Apple Green Seal Exclamation
Iriz Ima Maroon Seal Iriz Ima's Hide Apple Green Seal
Lividroot Amooshah Maroon Seal Amooshah's Tendril Apple Green Seal Exclamation
Anantaboga Cerise Seal Anantaboga's Heart Salmon Seal Exclamation
Dextrose Cerise Seal Dextrose's Blubber Salmon Seal Exclamation
Reacton Cerise Seal Reacton's Ashes Salmon Seal Exclamation
Verdelet Pine Green Seal Verdelet's Wing Amber Seal Exclamation
Wulgaru Pine Green Seal Wulgaru's Head Amber Seal Exclamation
Zareehkl the Jubilant Pine Green Seal Zareehkl's Neckpiece Amber Seal Exclamation

Tier III

Tier III NM Notable Drops Seal Required Trophy Seal Rewarded Tier IV ZNMs Unlocked
Armed Gears Apple Green Seal Armed Gears’ Fragment Charcoal Grey Seal Qmark
Dea Apple Green Seal Dea's Horn Chestnut-colored Seal Qmark
Gotoh Zha the Redolent Apple Green Seal Gotoh Zha's Necklace Deep Purple Seal Qmark
Achamoth Salmon Seal Achamoth’s Antenna Copper-colored Seal Qmark
Khromasoul Bhurborlor Salmon Seal Bhurborlor’s Vambrace Gold-colored Seal Qmark
Nosferatu Salmon Seal Nosferatu’s Claw Purplish-grey Seal Qmark
Experimental Lamia Amber Seal Experimental Lamia's Armband Taupe-colored Seal Qmark
Mahjlaef the Paintorn Amber Seal Mahjlaef’s Staff Fallow-colored seal Qmark
Nuhn Amber Seal Nuhn’s Esca Sienna-colored Seal Qmark

Tier IV

Tier IV NM Notable Drops Seal Required Trophy Seal Rewarded Tier V ZNMs Unlocked
Tinnin Tinnin's Fang Lilac-colored Seal Qmark
Sarameya Qmark Qmark Sarameya’s Hide Qmark Qmark
Tyger Qmark Tyger’s Tail Qmark Qmark

Tier V


Tier V NM Notable Drops Seal Required Trophy Seal Rewarded
Pandemonium Warden Qmark Qmark Qmark Qmark
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