Yovra in the sky


Yovra on the ground

General Information

  • System: Lumorians
  • Weaknesses:
  • Immune:
  • Yovra ("UFOs") wander around in the sky, where they cannot be targeted and do not show up on Wide Scan.
  • They aggro by true sound, at which point they drop down to attack, and can then be targeted.
  • They can be hard to spot unless you tilt your camera up a bit; otherwise, by the time they're close enough to be drawn, they are off the top of your screen.

Special Attacks

All the AoE attacks seem to have a 10 foot radius.

  • Asthenic Fog - AoE Drown
  • Vitriolic Barrage - AoE damage and nasty poison
  • Concussive Oscillation - AoE damage and Weight, blocked by Utsusemi
  • Torrential Torment - AoE damage and Exclude Equipment (de-equips all items equipped on all players in range, forcing them to re-equip)
  • Primal Drill - AoE damage and Bind, blocked by Utsusemi
  • Ion Shower - AoE damage and Stun, strips Utsusemi
  • Luminous Drape - AoE Charm
  • Flourescence - Boost
  • Additional effect: paralysis

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