General Information

  • System: Lumorians
  • Weaknesses:
  • Immune:
  • Yovra ("UFOs") wander around in the sky, where they cannot be targeted and do not show up on Wide Scan.
  • They aggro by true sound, at which point they drop down to attack, and can then be targeted.
  • They can be hard to spot because by the time they're close enough to be drawn, they are off the top of your screen.

Special Attacks

All the AoE attacks seem to have a 10 foot radius.

  • Asthenic Fog - AoE Drown
  • Vitriolic Barrage - AoE damage and nasty poison
  • Concussive Oscillation - AoE damage and Weight, blocked by Utsusemi
  • Torrential Torment - AoE damage and Exclude Equipment (de-equips all items equipped on all players in range, forcing them to re-equip)
  • Primal Drill - AoE damage and Bind, blocked by Utsusemi
  • Ion Shower - AoE damage and Stun, strips Utsusemi
  • Luminous Drape - AoE Charm
  • Flourescence - Boost

Notorious Monsters in Family

Yovra by Name

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