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Windurst, the City of Magic, is located at the southern end of the Mindartian Continent. Originally built by the Tarutaru, tribes of Mithra also settled here, and brought some sense to the sprawling nature of this city! The distances from anywhere to anywhere are totally disproportionate the the length of the average Tarutaru legs, indicating the reliance on the magic of warp and teleport!

For the most part, Windurst uses wooden structures in deference to the havoc wrought in the Crystal Wars. There are several notable stone structures, although these are mainly remnants from the pre-war era, there has been relatively little new construction in the city since the war. As proof of this, the bridge directly north of the Optistery in Windy Waters is currently constructed of wood. This replaced the original pre-war stone bridge that stood there!

Windurst is governed by the current incarnation of the Star Sybil, and is divided into 5 districts, each catering to different parts of it's society's needs. The districts are:

  • Windurst Woods Known as the 'Mithran District', this area contains the residences of several of the Mithran leaders, as well as the world famous Dhalmel Farm, the Manustery, Chocobo Stables, several Guilds, an Auction House and even the San d'Orian Consulate!
  • Windurst Walls The 'Political District', this vast area surrounds Heavens Tower and consists of a series of small islands linked by wooden walkways. Examination of the waters below reveals the remnants of the original stonebuilt bridges which once made travel possible here. Home to some of the finer residences in Windurst, this area displays the old architecture and the new with equal aplomb, and features doorways low enough to give any race that is not Tarutaru a severe headache!
  • Windurst Waters This is the 'Economic District' of Windurst, with merchants galore and the Culinarians' guild to boot. So large, this area covers two maps, but so rich in resources it is a "must see" for any aspiring adventurer! Culturally, the area includes several major institutions that are central to the Windurstian way of life, and commercially there are several important vendors here also!
  • Port Windurst is known as the 'Port District', and with good reason! Several of the other cities have ports, but none have the waterfront coverage that is enjoyed by this area of Windurst! Housing the usual Air Travel Agency is a beginning, but this area goes on to include the Fishermens' Guild, the Bastokan Consulate, the Orastery, the usual warehouses, and even several shops located on moored barges!
  • Heavens Tower Architecture Last, but by no means least we come to the 'Administrative Center' of the Federation. This imposing tree, situated in the middle of Windurst Walls, is hollow inside. It has been adapted to comprise several floors of stone-built structure within and houses the main governing body of the entire city. Sorry, but this will take more than a "Meteor" spell or 10 to take it down!

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