You must talk to a Windurst Gate Guard in order to start Windurst missions. These missions are available only to those currently in allegiance with Windurst.

Note: Unlike expansion missions, most of these missions require rank points to undertake. All missions will award some rank points upon completion, but trading crystals to a Conquest Overseer or repeating missions for additional rank points is normally required to unlock additional missions.

  • For a Note on completing the entire stoyline beyond the given missions, see below.


Rank Title Type* Reward
Rank 1 1. The Horutoto Ruins Experiment Quest None
2. The Heart of the Matter Quest None
3. The Price of Peace Quest Rank 2, 1,000 gil
Rank 2 1. Lost for Words Quest None
2. A Testing Time Repeat None
3. The Three Kingdoms Battlefield Rank 3, Adventurer's Certificate, 3,000 gil, access to Chateau d'Oraguille
Rank 3 1. To Each His Own Right Quest Starway Stairway Bauble

Old Ring

2. Written in the Stars Repeat Portal Charm
3. A New Journey Quest Rank 4, 5,000 gil
Rank 4 1. Magicite Quest Rank 5, 10,000 gil and Airship pass (or 20,000 gil)
Rank 5 1. The Final Seal Battlefield None
2. The Shadow Awaits Battlefield Rank 6, unlock Zilart missions & Dynamis, 20,000 gil
Rank 6 1. Full Moon Fountain Fight None
2. Saintly Invitation Battlefield Rank 7, Ashura Necklace, 40,000 gil
Rank 7 1. The Sixth Ministry Fight None
2. Awakening of the Gods Fight Rank 8, 60,000 gil
Rank 8 1. Vain Fight None
2. The Jester who'd be King Fight Rank 9, 80,000 gil
Rank 9 1. Doll of the Dead Quest None
2. Moon Reading Battlefield Rank 10, 100,000 gil, Windurstian Flag, ability to purchase Key ItemAtma of the Full Moon


  • Quest is an assignment to go somewhere (possibly dangerous) for a cutscene or to retrieve/deliver an item, but no fighting required.
  • Repeat is a mission that can be taken multiple times to gain rank points, and are usually optional.
  • Fight requires you to fight a Notorious Monster. Usually open to outside help.
  • Battlefield requires qualified party members to fight Notorious Monster(s) within a battlefield instance


Unlike the other nations, the full Windurst storyline is not completely contained within the missions. The quests involving the Star Onion Brigade, the children you meet in the opening cutscene if your original starting nation is Windurst, contain the second half of Windurst's story. These must be done in tandem with the missions and completed before Awakening of the Gods is flagged, preferably with Inspector's Gadget! completed by Mission 3-1 To Each His Own Right and Onion Rings flagged. Once these quests are done, you can receive the extra cutscenes that are the true ending of Windurst story beyond the ending given in the missions.



«FFXI-Movie» 0091 Win - Windurst Immigration


The Federation of Windurst... An ancient capital nurtured by the boughs of a great tree, blessed by magical waters, and protected by the moon and stars. There is a legend in this country. In a time forgotten, a people forced to wander by starvation and cold were led to this land by a wondrous star. When that star returned to the heavens, it sent to the earth a spiritual medium, the first Star Sibyl, who could hear is voice. She promised Windurst glory and prosperity.

With each passing eon, the people came to excel at magic more and more, giving Windurst far greater wisdom and power. Five ministries, each specializing in a school of knowledge, became politically influential institutions. This elevated Windurst to become a city of academics. In recent years, new bonds were made with the roaming tribes of Mithra, causing Windurst to become even bigger than before. But the people’s wish remains unchanged... Lasting peace... Eternal tranquility... Under the watch of the far-off stars.

And now, a new star of hope has been borne to this earth... What is about to begin here is an enduring tale, woven by that star...

Arrival in Windurst
Ajido-Marujido : What’s the mattaru?
Ajido-Marujido : Oh... Seeing you standing there gazing into the distance, I thought you were looking at something interesting. Seems as though you were just taking in the atmosphere of peaceful old Windurst.
Ajido-Marujido : But I couldn’t say that these are the most peaceful times Windurst has seen...
Ajido-Marujido : If the Great Tree were to wither up and die, this whole country would pass away with it. Sadly, that end could be nigh...
Apururu : Ajido-Marujido!!! Are you bothering another poor adventurer?
Apururu : Excuse my big brother, friend. I am sure you were in the middle of something important before he rudely interrupted you.
Ajido-Marujido : You’ve got it all wrong again, Apururu. This poor adventurer was lost, so I kindly offered to help. Isn’t that rightaru?
Apururu : Is that so? Excuse me for asking, but...you wouldn’t happen to be new to Windurst, would you?
Apururu : Well, then, allow me to give you some tips. Windurstians are obliged to show kindness to those new to our neighborhood.
Apururu : So, what do you want to know? Is there anything you need to do in particular? If so, don’t be afraid to ask sweet Apururu!
Apururu : Ummm... What else were you asking aboutaru...?
Apururu : Huh? Oh yeah, just who in Vana’diel are we...!?
Apururu : Hee-hee. Well, if you haven’t figured it out already, I’m Apururu. Nice to meetaru you.
Ajido-Marujido : Oh, yeah, and I’m Ajido-Marujido. It’ll pay to remember me.
Apururu : Well, I guess you still have plenty of questions to ask, but we have to get going now.
Apururu : I suggest you ask your fellow adventurers for help. Vana’diel is a huge place, so you’ll need to make as many friends as you can.
Ajido-Marujido : Hah! Friends... I had better warn you...don’t go around telling people you’re my friend, rightaru?
Apururu : Ah, Ajido-Marujido! Wait up a moment!
Apururu : Oh, before I go, here, take this. Give it to our friend, Jack of Hearts, who is on patrol in front of the residential area.
Apururu : Jacky-wacky is a good little Cardian who will tell you anything else you need to know. To pass him the coupon, target him and select “Trade” from the main menu.
Apururu : I hope to see you around some time. Good luck, my shiny-whiny adventurer friend. Ta-taru!

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