Weapons are pieces of Equipment that have the Damage property. They can be equipped to either the Main, Range or Ammo slots. If the Job Trait Dual Wield is active, a one-handed melee weapon may be equipped to the Sub slot as well.

Different Weapon Types are wielded with different ratings of Combat Skills by each job. As a weapon is used, a character's skill associated with that weapon type may increase (a process referred to as Skill Ups). The skill is capped at a certain number based on the character's job rating and current job level.

To further their usefulness in battle, the major Weapon Types allow the use of particular Weapon Skills, the selection of which may be restricted by your active jobs and your current combat skill level.

/equip main "<item name>"
/equip sub "<item name>"
/equip range "<item name>"
/equip ammo "<item name>"


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Weapon Types[]

One-handed Melee Weapons[]

Two-handed Melee Weapons[]

Ranged Weapons & Ammunition[]

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