Waltzes are one of the five types of dances available to the Dancer job. The different types of Waltzes are all placed into one Job Ability category, meaning that when any Waltz is used, its individual recast timer must be allowed to cool down before another Waltz may be used.

When used, a curative/restorative effect is applied to the targeted party member. As with all Job Abilities, the effects of Waltzes are instant, and can therefore be highly effective for quickly healing a party member in danger before they are K.O.'d.

Though the potency of Waltzes can be increased through equipment, there is a cap of +30% Waltz potency.

"Waltz TP cost - #" effects granted from items such as a pair of Desultor Tassets reduces the cost of the various Waltzes by the amount listed. A macro must be used to use a Waltz while you have less than the normal TP. The Waltz remains grayed out in the abilities menu if you do not have enough TP to normally use the move.

Waltzes are learned by Dancers at the following levels:

Level Waltz
15 Curing Waltz
25 Divine Waltz
30 Curing Waltz II
35 Healing Waltz
45 Curing Waltz III
70 Curing Waltz IV
78 Divine Waltz II
87 Curing Waltz V

Equipment that Enhances this Ability's effect

By Amount Added

Name Potency Increase
+1% +5% +10%
Sonia's Plectrum CheckCheck.gif CheckCheck.gif*
Dance Shoes CheckCheck.gif*
Roundel Earring CheckCheck.gif
Etoile Tiara CheckCheck.gif
Etoile Tiara +1 CheckCheck.gif
Dancer's Casaque CheckCheck.gif
Dancer's Casaque +1 CheckCheck.gif
Phurba CheckCheck.gif

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