The Walk of Echoes plays host to a series of battlefields designed for up to 36 players.


Entering the Walk of Echoes

Players may warp to the Walk of Echoes by examining the Veridical Conflux located in Xarcabard (S) while in possession of the "Kupofried's Medallion" key item. The key item may be purchased by examining the same conflux and speaking with the Moogle Kupofried. It also costs 1000 gil.

Walk of Echoes Battlefields

Upon arrival at the Walk of Echoes, players will encounter several more veridical confluxes, each of which acts as a portal to a battlefield. The need to lay claim to battlefields has been omitted from the Walk of Echoes, and any one may enter and partake in battle until the maximum capacity of thirty-six adventurers has been reached. The time limit for each battle is 30 minutes, with no extensions possible. The clock will start ticking the instant the enemy is engaged, and participants must vanquish all monsters that appear within the allotted time in order to secure victory.

  • The key item Kupofried's Medallion will be expended upon entry into a battlefield. To reacquire the key item, players must wait one Vana'dielian day before examining the veridical conflux located in Xarcabard [S] once more.

Temporary Items will be made available to players should certain conditions be fulfilled. While these will be distributed among all participants, the type of item obtained by each character will be determined randomly.

The number of battlefields available will at first be limited, but more can be unlocked in succession by cooperating with other players and securing victory in preceding battlefields. Additional battlefields are being planned for future version updates.

Inside of the battlefields, there appears to be no XP loss when you die.


Battlefield participants will have numerous opportunities to obtain reward items. - All participants may cast lots upon items dropped by monsters. - Vanquishing all foes within the allotted time will produce a treasure chest, and only those participants whose contribution to the battle was deemed satisfactory will be granted the right to cast lots upon the contents. - Highly evaluated combatants will be further rewarded with bounty befitting their standing.

  • Please be warned that regardless of remaining time, all participants will be transported from the battlefield five minutes after either victory is secured, or the treasure chests are opened. Any treasures that remain undistributed by that time may end up in unforeseen hands or be claimed by none at all.


  • skill up rate seems to be double the normal rate here, went from 256-capped dagger in two battles on dancer.
  • no exp is lost for any battlefield
  • EXP is rewarded using a system almost identical to the Campaign battle exp rewards system
  • the top five participants will recieve an exclusive message upon clearing the battlefield, signaling them that they have qualified for exclusive loot, the chest that they have gained the right to open, will be spawned directly beneath their feet when the message is displayed.
  • the final boss monster will drop a chest containing a large chunk of experience points for participants and several loot items (3k EXP for ranking third, 5k for ranking 1st, and ~2k for not ranking at all)
  • chests contain the new magic and rolls for ALL JOBS
  • monsters when slain drop Coin of birth Coin of Decay Coin of glory Coin of ruin as well as the rare synthesis item and their own mob family drop (crabs drop crab shells)
  • Monster drop rates are subject to treasure hunter, however chests are independent of TH.

Veridical Conflux #1-#3 overview

  • each battlefield contains 4 Monster groups
  • Each Monster group contains 1 large monster (boss level) and 4-6 smaller monsters, each with their own set of spells, unique abilities, and traits.
  • Peon monsters (non boss level) appear to be either resistant to magic damage, or melee damage
    • Berry Syrup: resistant to physical
    • Damask Crab: Resistant to physical
    • Cyanic Crab: Resistant to magical
  • only boss monsters need be defeated
    • upon defeating boss monsters all peon monsters will be instantly felled
  • all monsters are immune to sleep, but succeptible to bind and gravity, thus several PLDS NINS or DNC are reccomended.
  • these monsters are heavy on AOE damage, so having a dancer in each group to utilize Divine Waltz II or a white mage utilizing Afflatus Misery + Cura to midigate this damage is reccomended.

Veridical Conflux 4-6 Overview

  • Cannot be accessed untill you have cleared Battlefields 1-3


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