The Walk of Echoes plays host to a series of battlefields designed for up to 36 players.


Entering the Walk of Echoes

Players may warp to the Walk of Echoes by examining the Veridical Conflux located in Xarcabard (S) at H-9 while in possession of the "Kupofried's medallion" key item. The key item may be purchased by examining the same conflux and speaking with the Moogle Kupofried in a cutscene. Kupofried will charge 1000 gil to make the medallion.

  • To enjoy the battle content offered in the Walk of Echoes, players must be level 70 or above and have progressed TO (you do not need have completed, only have the mission flagged) the "Cait Sith" mission of the Wings of the Goddess expansion.
  • Entering the Walk of Echoes zone does not consume the medallion until you select a specific numbered Conflux battle area to enter, much like Limbus zones.

Walk of Echoes Battlefields

Upon arrival at the Walk of Echoes, players will encounter 15 veridical confluxes, each of which acts as a portal to a battlefield. The need to lay claim to battlefields has been omitted from the Walk of Echoes, and anyone may enter and partake in battle until the maximum capacity of thirty-six adventurers has been reached. The time limit for each battle is 45 minutes, with no extensions possible. The clock will start ticking the instant the enemy is engaged, and participants must vanquish at a minimum all bosses within the allotted time in order to secure victory.

  • The Key Item Kupofried's medallion will be expended upon entry into a battlefield. To reacquire the key item, players must examine the Echo Disseminator inside or the veridical conflux located in Xarcabard [S] once more and pay 1000 gil.
    • Once you have seen the initial cutscene you will not have to watch it again. To get the medallion you need only examine the Veridical Conflux to get the option to buy another medallion.

Temporary Items will be made available to players upon the death of an enemy when the walk becomes Endowed. The type of Temporary item seems random, ranging from Lucid Potion I to Primeval Brew (in very rare situations).

The number of battlefields available will at first be limited, but more can be unlocked in succession by cooperating with other players and securing victory in preceding battlefields, unlocking each tier server-wide. Additional battlefields are being planned for future version updates.

  • Inside of the battlefields, there is no EXP loss if you die.
  • Each person is rated on a similar system to Campaign.
  • Upon successful completion of the battlefield, multiple Treasure Coffer will load throughout the battlefield area. Quality of loot seems to be random at this point.
  • Upon pulling the first monster, the battle will begin, the forty-five minute time limit will start, and enemies will attack in waves.
  • Each player will be granted reraise when you enter a conflux, and each time you use it.


  • Non-boss monsters have normal movement speed, making it easy to kite around the rugged terrain.
  • Boss monsters do not appear to have movement speed+, however they have a longer than normal attack radius, making movement speed+ gear a necessity to kite them.
  • Monsters appear to have bonus damage on targets lower than 80.
  • Only the Boss monsters need to be killed in order to win.


  • Vanquishing all foes within the allotted time will produce multiple treasure chests throughout the battlefield. Loot does not drop from individual monsters and only appears in the Treasure Coffer at the end of the battle.
    • Combatants must achieve a minimum evaluation of 1000 XP in order for loot to load in the coffer Verification Needed.
    • Upon opening one of the random chests throughout the battlefield, it will load a set amount of items based on your performance (how much XP you earned). There is no more casting lots on items; the choice is given to you to take or leave what you want. Every participant whom has met the minimum requirements will get their own set of items in the coffer.
    • Rumor has it, in order for the chest to load the maximum of 5 items, you must earn a minimum of 4,000 XP in the battle Verification Needed.
  • There is no more Ranking system in WoE. XP is determined by how much effort you put into the battle and your rewards at the end of the battle, at this time, regardless of how much XP you receive, are completely random.
  • Please be warned that regardless of remaining time, all participants will be transported from the battlefield five minutes after either victory is secured, or the treasure chests are opened. Any participant that has not opened a coffer by then will be ejected from the battlefield and will not receive any items.
  • Note: The treasure coffers no longer appear on the battlefield. You will be automatically warped out to the entry area after the battle and get your treasure by opening the treasure coffer near the Echo Disseminator.


Higher tiers are unlocked by winning the lower tiers multiple times. It appears to be server-wide.

Tier I
Veridical Conflux 1
Veridical Conflux 2
Veridical Conflux 3
Tier II
Veridical Conflux 4
Veridical Conflux 5
Wyverns, Hydra
Veridical Conflux 6
Tigers, Cerberus
Tier III
Veridical Conflux 7
Tier IV
Veridical Conflux 8
Veridical Conflux 9
Veridical Conflux 10
Tier V
Veridical Conflux 11
Skeletons, Naraka
Tier VI
Veridical Conflux 12
Iron Giants
Veridical Conflux 13
Birds, Harpeia
Veridical Conflux 14
Coeurls, Behemoths
Tier VII
Veridical Conflux 15
Baelfyrs, Caturae

See the Talk page, or each veridical conflux's Talk page, for discussion on the battles.


The Treasure Coffer for winning a particular Conflux can contain the following coins, or pouches containing those coins, as loot. Coins are used in upgrading Trial of the Magians weapons for the Empyrean weapon skills.

Coin Weapon Jobs
Coin of Advancement Revenant Fists (Hand-to-hand) MNK/PUP
Alard's Axe (Axe) WAR/BST
Cerastes (Polearm) DRG
Coin of Birth Daka (Dagger) THF/BRD/DNC
Penitence (Scythe) DRK
Bedlam (Marksmanship) RNG/COR
Coin of Decay Espafut (Great Sword) PLD/DRK
Hiradennotachi (Great Katana) SAM
Canne de Combat (Club) WHM
Harrier (Archery) RNG
Coin of Glory Badelaire (Sword) RDM/PLD/BLU
Maschu (Great Axe) WAR
Tobi (Katana) NIN
Coin of Ruin Taiaha (Staff) BLM/SMN/SCH

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